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Foreign, Local Education And Tourism EXPO 2019

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 Event Name: Foreign, Local Education and Tourism Expo 


Date: 31 Jan – 02 February, 2019


Venue: The Flamenco Convention Center

32 Old Airport Road, Farmegate, Tejgoan,

1215 Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Time: 10am – 08pm


Venue Facilities: 

a. Non-stop electricity supply, Generator and IPS Support.

b. Air-condition Facilities

c. Good decoration and lighting system.

d. 24 Hour Security Guard and CCTV surveillance system.

e. HD Sound System

And so on.


1.0  Introduction

FOREIGN, LOCAL EDUCATION & TOURISM EXPO 2019 is a 03 day educational exhibition for University students of all levels who are seeking to further their education abroad in distinguished overseas institutions and for tourist tourist who love to make tour in home and abroad. Organized by DOVEFIRE EVENTS, this 03 (three) days’ exhibition will host over 50 international universities, colleges and academic institutions with their International Student Officers, alongside sponsors and partners and it will also host about 20 of local and international tourism agencies with their packages and offers. Alongside exhibitors, this exhibition will also include a series of seminars, mini events, Coupon draw and practice test sessions. This will be the largest education exhibition in Bangladesh in 2019.

3.0 Where and When

FOREIGN, LOCAL EDUCATION & TOURISM EXPO 2019 will be held on 31st Jan – 02nd (Thirstday, Friday and Saturday) February, 2019 at Flamenco Convention Center, Firmget, Tejgaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The exposition will be accessible to the public from 10am till 8pm.

4.0 Why This Exhibition

Every year, tens of thousands of Bangladeshi students choose to study abroad and this number continues to rise alongside a growing all classes. Moreover, in 2018 approximately 1,50,506 Secondary School Certificate holders couldn’t get their selves admitted in colleges for HSC, again approximately 7,58,260 Higher Secondary Certificate holders couldn’t find the public or their desired University. This overseas interest has largely been made possible as students continue to become more fluent in English and other secondary languages. Besides there is so many tour lover people in the country have no proper source of information. In light of this phenomenon, our expo will serve as a gateway for students, parents and tourist to gain more information on the opportunities of local, overseas education and tourism. 

FOREIGN, LOCAL EDUCATION & TOURISM EXPO 2019 aims to provide an educational platform for prospective students of overseas universities, colleges and academic institutions to further obtain help in planning and making informed decisions prior to furthering their studies at those institutions. Representatives from respective academic institutions will share with the students the do’s and don’ts of overseas universities applications. Besides it aims to rise the proper guidelines and informations to all the tourist.

5.0 Goals & Objectives
a. To educate the public, particularly students and parents, about overseas education;
b. To provide room for institutional representatives and alumni to share knowledge, experience and thoughts on overseas education with prospective students;
c. To help students know educational choices available for them in order to make well informed decisions in planning their further education;
d. To enhance educational ties between overseas universities, overseas government education bodies, and Bangladesh governmental education bodies.
e. To rise up the informations and facilities for the home and abroad tourism, visa, ticketing, spot selecting, hotel booking etc.

6.0 Format of Exhibition
The event will consist of three components:

6.1 Educational and Tourism Exhibition
As the main component of the expo, the exhibition will consist of booths from the education consultancy firms, the universities and colleges and the tourism, ticketing agency. The education booths will be facilitated by representatives and alumni of Universities, Colleges and Academic Institutions. Facilitators will have the opportunity to share with students on the application process and life on campus, as well as answer any questions that students may have.

6.2 Seminar Series
Starting from the first day, just after the Chief Guest’s speech, speaker series and panel discussions will be held in a seminar room within the exhibition hall. The seminars will provide further insights on overseas education for prospective students and their parents. There will be a Question-and-Answer (Q&A) session following each seminar.

6.3 Other Activities
Other mini-events such as lucky draws and other interesting events will also be held during the event. These mini-events will not disturb the exhibition and are mostly organized by sponsors and partners of the organizers. For more information on sponsors and partners, please visit INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION FAIR 2016 (


Top participants in the expo

1. United International University, Bangladesh

2. Independent University, Bangladesh

3. University Of South Asia

4. The Professional Network & Link-TPNL

5. Nuron Educare

6. Edubuzz

7. Razib’s

গত ২৪ নভেম্বর ২০১৮ ইং তারিখে দৈনিক প্রথম আলো তে আমাদের একটি বিজ্ঞাপন প্রচার হয়। 

ইভেন্ট এর সকল আপডেট পেতে ফেসবুকে আমাদের ইভেন্ট পেইজ এ এবং ইভেন্ট এ লাইক দিন। সঙ্গেই থাকুন। 

ফ্যান পেইজ এ ব্রাউজ করতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

ইভেন্ট এ ব্রাউজ করতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন